Teresa Stadnik

Psychodynamic Counsellor and Psychotherapist


Teresa Stadnik

Psychodynamic Counsellor
and Psychotherapist

Teresa Stadnik Online Psychotherapist

Online Therapy for Individuals and Couples


If you feel that life has become difficult and you may need someone else to help you make sense of it all then starting psychotherapy may be a good idea.

You may feel that there is something not right in your life and that you want to look into it. There may be some persistent feelings that you do not know how to deal with like depression, anxiety or maybe relationship issues. For others there may be some challenging life events like bereavement, loss of a job or getting older.

In therapy we will look into your current difficulties and try to understand your feelings. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy will help you gain more insight, help you understand your unconscious motivations that can influence your thinking and behaviour patterns and help you change the ones that are preventing you from moving forward.

Over time you you may be able to find new and more satisfying ways of relating to yourself and others and have a more satisfying life.



tel: +44 79 284 51 349 /+48 537 555 487 email: info@teresastadnik.com